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Moving Tips for the Summer

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In the scorching heat, it’s important to take extra care while tackling a summer move. Our managing crew works year round throughout the United States and are quite familiar with the challenges of moving in extreme temperatures. We’ve compiled a list of helpful moving tips for staying cool in the summer heat.

Slow Down
Over time, the body starts to acclimatize to the heat, but when you’re active, tasks will take longer than usual. If you’re gathering a group of friends for the task, encourage everyone to take breaks. In hot weather, you cannot expect to perform in top speed.

Devise a plan
Generally, it is coolest in the morning, so scheduling the most strenuous task in the morning is ideal.

Begin the day well hydrated
It’s important to drink water before you’re thirsty and avoid beverages with extra caffeine and sugar, they increase dehydration and water loss.

Dress appropriately
Loose-fitting, light colored clothing is best – even a brimmed hat with a breathable fabric will protect you from the sun’s rays. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to any exposed area, 20 minutes before you are exposed to the sun.

Wear sunglasses
Not just for looking cool – it’s important to protect your eyes with enough UVA and UVB protection.

Watch for signs of heat-related illnesses
If you’re tired, exhausted or become overheated, be sure to cool yourself down with cold water, cold compresses and frequent periods of rest.