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November 16, 2015
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Before you hire movers Las Vegas to help with your packing and unpacking needs, we know you need to look for a place to stay first! Or perhaps, you don’t know where exactly to move to so you’re looking for the best apartment that will fit your needs. Either way, we’ve come up with eight cities, and what $1,000 each general apartments will look like for that area.

Los Angeles California

This city is notorious for its high cost of living, but rent is still doable as there are many apartments that are still $1,000 and under. Many of the apartments for Los Angeles that are $1,000 and under are pretty much vintage looking which is amazing for certain decors! This particular apartment fancied us because it was so bright. It’s perfect to embrace the sunny California weather when you have this type of apartment. And guess what? This studio was only $950! 

Las Vegas, Nevada

This is our favorite city as this is our hometown! Rent here is generally thriftier compared to many major cities, and it has a vast amount of entertainment. This is such a big difference compared to our choice of studio in Los Angeles because this condo in particular is a two bedroom with two bath.

Canby, Oregon

This city is only a 40-minute drive to the city of Portland which is perfect if you’re looking for something a home that is in the suburbs.  We had to include this one because everything about it is just so inviting. From the lovely greenery to its new interior design. This particular apartment goes for $1,000 with two bedroom and two bath. 

Denver, Colorado

Similar to the Canby, Oregon, this home has a lovely modern interior. It also has a small backyard perfect for times when you just want to bbq with some friends. This apartment is a one bedroom and one bathroom. 

Seattle, Washington

This apartment is also 1 bedroom and 1 bath which in the beautiful city of Seattle. The kitchen as a mix of vintage/modern look to it. The bathroom has a hardwood flooring which is definitely a new thing to see in apartments.

We hope you enjoyed this post just as much as we enjoyed writing about it. These are just general ideas of how apartments and condos would look like if you were to rent them at $1,000 in these various cities. Have fun looking for a new apartment, and make sure to hire trusted movers Las Vegas like us when you need it the most! We hope to see you soon!