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December 2, 2015
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Most Expensive Cities to Live In

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Rent has always been a major factor for people who want to move to another city. While many cities in the United States are generally affordable, some require residents to shell out a few more bucks. In 2013, the average rent in the U.S. was $1,231 per month. Landlords can charge more than the national average because they are aware that there are very limited spaces that are available in larger cities. They know that people are willing to spend the ridiculous amount of rent to stay in these cities. Having said that, did your hometown make it to the list?

San Diego, California

This city is beautiful all around with just a few minutes drive to the beach. San Diego is also environmentally clean with little crime rate. The median for a studio apartment here is $1,095. What is more gritting is that a two bedroom is about $1,795!

Seattle, Washington

This city is starting to be one of the most expensive cities in the nation as it continues to rise in rent. Dubbed Emerald City, the average rent is about $1,718. For a studio apartment, it is a shy $1,210.

Los Angeles, California

This city is not cheap. The median price for rent is actually a whopping $1,405, and we’re only talking about a studio apartment. If you’re interested in a two bedroom apartment, you can be sure to shell out as much as $2,406 per month.

Washington D.C.

This is the nation’s capital which means that the rent prices will definitely up there. Washington D.C.  beats Los Angeles’ median for a studio apartment by a soaring rate. A high monthly rent averages about $1,675 for a studio apartment. Are you ready for the two bedroom median? It’s $3,110.

New York, New York

You’ve waited this long. Is a surprise to you that New York is actually the most expensive city in the nation? It’s a bustling city that indeed, doesn’t sleep. This bustling city, averages  to $2,300 for a studio apartment, and for a two bedroom, it is a whopping $3,550!