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Home Burglary Rising During the Holidays

Christmas decurations

Halloween was just the beginning of the holiday fiasco. After that, there are two more major holidays that everyone cannot miss which are Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Of course, during the holidays, it’s easy to forget about safety and home security because of all the fun we’re having. But the sad truth is that moving companies like us, know that burglary and theft are on the rise especially with the holidays in full effect. So what can you do to prevent this from happening?


It doesn’t hurt to have extra pair of eyes especially when you’re not at home. Do this by selecting a neighbor that you truly trust. Let them know that you and your family will be gone for a couple of days, and to report and suspicious activities. Having this kind of systems can give you a peace of mind that your home is secure. In return, you do the same favor when they are stepping out of their home. 

Surfing the Internet

The holidays are full of deals. While many of them are genuine sales, some scammers like to target those who are not as tech savvy. So, when you’re at home and you receive a suspicious email or presented with an unusual link, chances are, it’s not good for you. So, stay away from them as much as possible.


Having the lights on outside repels the thieves away because neighbors may see this as suspicious behavior. But don’t just have the light pointing at any direction. The best way is to have lights pointing at windows because they the the hot spots for thieves to enter.

We know how difficult it is to move to a new place, and moving companies like us try our best to make it easier for you and your family to transition. So, when moving to a new neighborhood specially around the holidays, make sure that you put your safety first! Happy holidays from us to you!