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What $1,000 Can Rent You in the East Coast

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The east coast can be really expensive specially with apartment costs soaring up as high as $1000+ for a studio. Anyone who needs a place to stay there can start to break their bank especially when they don’t know which cities are affordable. So, we’ve come up with a list of cities around the east coast to show you what $1,000 can rent! Let’s get started shall we?


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Philadelphia moving las vegas oasis moving

Philadelphia is one of the most affordable cities found in the east coast . $1,000/ month can rent you a modern two bedroom apartment with one bathroom. One particular apartment that we found has a balcony overlooking a spacious greenery garden, with hardwood floors, and and in-unit laundry. The kitchen has a light brown wooden counter-top with beautifully polished white cabinets. It also has a central air-conditioning unit which is just perfect for the summer time.


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Cincinnati, Ohio

Just like Philadelphia, Cincinnati is fairly affordable with just $1,000 /month. With such a price, you’re able to score a two bedroom apartment along with 1.5 bath. Such an apartment has an a community pool to beat the summer heat. It also has beautifully colored hardwood floors along with it’s painted olive walls. This particular apartment does not have an in-unit laundry but common coin laundry is provided at the community. This is a two story apartment with living room, and dining areas downstairs . The two bedrooms are located on the second floor.


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Miami, Florida

Newly remodeled studio apartments are available for $1,000 monthly in Miami. Many apartments are shifting from carpet flooring to tiles or hardwood floors because it is cost-efficient and easy to maintain. The studio that we were eyeing has a kitchen with granite counter tops. It also has a modern coffee- painted cabinets. This particular apartment that we’ve chosen was exceptionally impressive with a huge modern vibe to it. What’s more enticing is that electricity, water, monthly pest control, and internet is also included with the rent. The downside about this particular apartment is that it doesn’t have a laundry room inside the studio, but there is a laundry facility in the community. Nevertheless, the apartment looks like a snag when living in a big city such as Miami.