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Choosing a Roommate After Moving

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Let’s face it– many young adults struggle to afford to live alone so they opt to roommates for financial ease. Having this type of living situation can be promising as it reduces the amount of financial burden  for many.

Many professional outlets are available to find a roommate such as Craigslist and ads. Going for this route can cause some people anxiety as they fear that they might meet someone untrustworthy. So, they prefer asking friends, friends of friends and/or family. Regardless of how one is comfortable in choosing a potential roommate, we think there are ways that people can find the ideal roommate by following these tips:


We can understand that finding a roommate immediately is important, but plan ahead.  You don’t simply say ‘yes’ to the first desperate person who needs a room. No, take your time on finding the best compatible roommate for you.


Some people have the advantage of getting to know who their potential roommates are. Any kind of red-flags SHOULD NOT be dismissed so easily. Pay close attention to their current living situation. Is there a pile of dishes in the sink? Beer cans on the floor? Dirty carpet? The chances of this exposure can get worst as time progresses.


Get to know what your potential roommate likes to do. Are they usually home? Partiers? Work at home? Do they like to hang out? Listen to loud music? What is their sleeping schedule? The questions are unlimited. Ask yourself whether these habits are easy for you to live with.

Money Talk

Compatibility is not the only thing matters when looking for a roommate. Money is one of the most crucial part of this certain type of living. Do they have a full-time job? If not, how would they be able to pay for rent? Are they able to pay every first of the month? Are they willing to half all the utilities with you? Get a clear understanding of how everything will be divided.