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Your Ultimate Moving Check List

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Moving can be a hectic task in itself. There are so many things that needs to be done before you ultimately close your old home’s door. So, to make it easier on you,  we’ve come up with a moving check list that we thought might be helpful for you!

Eight Weeks Before Moving

Plan for your new home. If you already know how your new home will look like, simply planning for your home’s layout is a must! The last thing you want to happen is scrambling around your new place thinking about where you should place your heavy furniture.

 Six Weeks

Limit your groceries. If anything, try and finish whatever you have left in the pantry. The less canned goods you have to carry, the better.

Five Weeks

Donate, sell, and throw away unwanted items! You may get rid of them by selling them to make some extra money or simply giving them away. Regardless, the less items you have to haul, the better your moving experience will be.

Four Weeks

Select a moving company that you can trust. Moving companies make it easy for you and your family to move with ease. Their job is to take the load off your hands so that you don’t have to. After all, moving day is stressful as is!

Label your boxes. Every box should be labeled and organized. You don’t want to be standing in your new home wondering where you placed your pots and pans now, would you? Save yourself the trouble from opening every box and label them instead!

Three Weeks

Cancel your utilities. You want plenty of time for this one so that you can be ready for the big move. Transferring or cancelling your utilities is a must to avoid unnecessary costs.

Two Weeks

Schedule off of work. You want to let your boss know that you will need a day or two to get settled into your new home. It is very important for you to be around on the moving day specially when you have moving companies that will be carry all your things. Your presence is also important for signing those important documents for your new home!

One Week

Put aside all the things that you need for your home. We’re talking about clothes, dishes, pots, pans, toothbrush, and everything in between. You want these items to be easily accessible when everything else is left unpacked.