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Where to Score Free Boxes

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Moving can be a whirlwind of chaos, expense and nerve wracking, teeth gritting mess! When it isn’t organized correctly and proficiently, you’ll find yourself wanting to hit the door and leave all your things behind. One of the most annoy parts about moving is finding the boxes to store all your things together. Many moving companies sell them. While they are convenient, clean and unique in style, some people just don’t have the extra cash to buy them! We get it! They’re just boxes after all. So where can you get some for free?

  • Craigslist- You can do this by simply looking at the “free” section or posting ad asking people to give you some!
  • Facebook Community Groups- One of them is bound to give you some!
  • Liquor Stores*
  • Fast Food Restaurants*
  • Office Supply Stores*
  • Banks*
  • Offices*
  • Department Stores*
  • Grocery Stores*

*Many of these venues throw away so many boxes a day since they are no longer of use. A lot of businesses are actually welcoming towards giving them to people to save room for their dumpsters! When you plan on taking this option, make sure to call the businesses first. Ask for extra boxes instead of looking around their stores, or worst– dumpster diving. You can also call for a manager to ask when they do some stocking so that they can save boxes for you.