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How to Get Your Security Deposit Back!

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Moving companies like us know how stressful it is to move from one place to the other which is why we have come up with many tips to make your moving easier! One of the most important topics that we will be covering today is about getting your security deposit back. Many people wonder what they can do to get this good ole money returned to them specially when they need upon moving. It’s quite easy really. Let’s get started!

Before Moving In

Know the apartment that you’re dealing with. A simple Google lookup will direct you to many reviews from previous tenants who has shared their experience in living at that particular apartment complex. Doing a simple research like this will help you understand what kind of landlord you’re dealing with.

Moving In

Carefully read your lease! We mean, read it in detail to see if there is anything fishy about it. Keep in mind that your lease is a general idea of what you’ll be dealing with. You are able to alter it if there is something in it that you don’t quite agree with. Upon signing it, make additions, and alterations that best fit your needs.
Usually, landlords would want you to write everything in detail about the apartment. If they don’t give you a checklist, make one yourself. Look for damages whether it is big or small, and jot it down so that they can quickly fix the issue for you. It may also be helpful to take a photo of every room as proof. Once all of this is done, have your landlord walk through the apartment to make sure that they have signed off on this list.

During Residency

Make it a goal to stay on top of your cleaning habits. When something spills on the carpet, clean it right away so that nothing stains. Remember that you are renting the apartment which means that your pod is not your own. Keep it clean at all times.

When you encounter a problem, report it right away before it worsens. Normal wear and tear around the apartment means that your landlord is obligated to pay for it. However, if you have to fix the issue yourself, make sure to document everything in detail.

Moving Out

Clean everything! And when we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING. Look at the photo that you had taken when you moved in so that you can try to replicate it. Some tenants have to pay a non-refundable cleaning deposit, while others actually get it back.

You can also take a photo again to prove to your landlord that you have kept it clean. Have another walk through with them so that they can sign an agreement that you have left the apartment in a good condition.