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What Happens If Your Landlord Withholds Your Security Deposit?

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We talked about how you can get your deposit back after a move, but what happens when your landlord tries to deceive you from returning your money? You’ve done everything you can do to make the home as good as new, but for some reason, your landlord decides that it’s not “good enough” to give your money back. Unfortunately, these incidents are wrong, but they happen. The following are just some tips that you can follow.

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What Happens if Your Landlord Bilks You?

You Have Rights, and You Should Know Them!

If you get a bill from your landlord for some made-up charges, check with an attorney to know your rights. Every state has their laws that provide leeways for owners and renters. Ask for a consultation to see if the charges are in agreement with the law.

Redundant Charges

If you hired a carpet cleaner, your landlord could not hold you against that. This means that they can’t charge you for replacing the carpet when it was clean in the first place.

Be Respectful

This might seem like the last thing you want to do when someone is withholding your money. Still, try not to escalate the issue from one small matter to the next. You want a smooth communication all throughout this process. You don’t want to write your landlord a nasty note saying how awful of a person they are, and then take them to a small claim court afterwards. The judge will read all documents that are provided to them. Having said that, be courteous and well-mannered.

Publicize the Experience

If all hope is lost, and you couldn’t get your security deposit back, share your experience online. Many review websites such as Yelp and Yellowpages will hold your review for the public to read. This warns potential renters from seeing the property. When you do this, be truthful of your statements and do not exaggerate as it can bring you towards legal issues.