Green Moving and Storage

Oasis Moving and Storage is proud to announce a new initiative to help reduce the moving company’s impact on the environment. Indeed, the company, which has already taken great leaps in the past to be more green, is doing even more this spring to lead the way in corporate environmental responsibility.

The moving and storage firm will thus continue to serve as an oasis of fresh ideas and inspiration in the relocation sector.

Oasis Moving works hard to reduce its environmental impact. It’s not always easy, certainly, what with tough competition, soaring prices and tight budgets. But the company nevertheless emphasizes the importance of reducing its carbon footprint as a priority. Indeed, with the kind of environmental degradation and climate changes we’re seeing today, it’s crucial that companies follow suit in Oasis’s way to do all they can to reduce pollution, carbon emission, and waste of natural resources.

So what is Oasis Moving & Storage doing to go green? Examples of the sort of changes the company is implementing include: Using packing boxes and materials made from 100% content, utilizing energy-efficient moving trucks that get more mileage per gallon of gas, and instructing drivers to be conscious of gas use and to minimize unnecessary gas consumption. The company is also using energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs, and converting most of it’s marketing and logistics materials to digital form, so as to reduce paper waste.

Sustainability is a major topic of discourse among leading companies today, and Oasis Moving is no exception. Indeed, making that critical commitment to the environment is hugely important for the company. Sarit Bitton, the owner of Oasis Moving & Storage notes that the Oasis team hopes to set a positive example for other firms in its sector, so that, collectively, the moving industry’s impact on the environment can be reduced as much as possible. Overtime, the company aims to implement even more sustainable initiatives to further its mission to reduce its harmful impact on the environment, while nevertheless growing as a premier moving and storage company.

Learn more about what’s new at Oasis, apart from the “Green Initiative”, by visiting the company’s site. There you gain access to a great deal of useful information about moving your home or business. Plus, you can take advantage of Oasis’s premium coupons. Exclusive discounts include 50$ off your next long distance move, or five free book boxes. In addition, view Oasis’s informational and engaging video, which will give you a deeper idea about what distinguishes Oasis, and what the company can do for your next move.

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