February 10, 2016
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Tips to Consider Before Moving Across the Country

Moving can be a hectic task, but what if you need to move across the country? Now, that sounds like a bigger task, doesn’t it? Some […]
January 28, 2016
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Where to Score Free Boxes

Moving can be a whirlwind of chaos, expense and nerve wracking, teeth gritting mess! When it isn’t organized correctly and proficiently, you’ll find yourself wanting to […]

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  • They took great care of my property. The teams determination to fit everything into one trip versus having to move two loads was admirable, and the fact that they managed to do that without compromising the protection of my property was exceptional.
      Bill Roberts
  • Our experience with Oasis Moving Company was wonderful. We moved from Las Vegas to Boise. They quoted us a decent price. They showed up when we needed them to. The movers were excellent and took great care of our items. If we move again we will use Oasis.
    Blake Meredith
  • 2 months ago I moved from L.A. to San Diego with Oasis for my second time and they didn’t let me down. My first move with them was 2 years ago when I moved from North Carolina to Los Angeles. They were recommended to me by a friend who had booked with them in the past and had a great experience. They took great care of my things and I was shocked when my belongings arrived 2 days ahead of schedule. I have heard that moving long distance, usually things have a tendency to get delayed. It was getting late unloading my stuff and the foreman saw that I was getting anxious and my kids were getting tired so he made a call and within 30 minutes there were 2 extra guys that came to help unload the truck. That personal touch in time of stress was the reason I decide to use them again in my recent move. Booking with Justin the second time around was easy and the staff was super friendly, courteous and helpful as they were the first time. The price was exactly as they told me accept for a couch and some extra boxes I needed to add last minute. I didn’t request an in house estimate and the price was pretty spot on. I did pay a little extra to have my more expensive things packed for me but it was worth it for my peace of mind. The movers arrived exactly on schedule at 7 am. The movers were friendly and took great care of my things. The foreman Guy, was great at delegating and helping things run as smoothly and as quickly as possible. They even helped me re pack certain items they felt needed extra attention. I was nervous with some of my more expensive pieces of furtinure but everything was packed with care and brought to me in perfect condition. They also reminded me to take out my more expensive pieces and jewelry which was greatly appreciated. Sometimes in the chaos of the move you forget. I will definitely use Oasis as my moving company if I need one in the future and highly recommend them to anyone who needs to move. Moving is never fun and they made my experience as pleasant as a possible. Thank you Oasis
    Avital Ben-Yaacov
  • Salesperson Cyril Alexander was really good in setting up moving services for us with your company. The experience of working with him was positive. The movers were excellent and professional, they did a really good job at setting up our furniture for the move. Billing staff for storage were very helpful as well.
    Rebecca Perry
  • Thank you, Meytal, for the kindness you expressed to me when I called you today to tell you that I want my possessions sent to my new address in Upstate New York. I told you how grateful I have been for the nearly 5 years since I stored it all with Oasis. I have very little but it is all I have in this life and it is such a blessing that you have taken such good care of my things. Thank you will all my heart.
    Mike Hanes
  • Dear Sarit, About four years ago I wrote you about the fact that I had a catastrophic car accident and still needed to keep my possessions in storage with you and asked you to lower my monthly fee so I could afford to keep it there. I told you about my life story and thanked you for your ability to hold my things safely. You and your good heart lowered that monthly fee and I have always been grateful to you. Having nearly died in that accident it has taken all this time for me to be able to finally ask to have it all sent to me in New York. I spoke with Meytal yesterday and told her and sent an email..She is also a very kind and compassionate person. You have no idea how much this means to me Sarit. I have not had a home for five years. I am 66 years old and finally going where I can start all over again in my life. Your company and you and your staff are really good people. I have over the years spoken to Jewel and others who may not still be there but each understood my situation and I always always paid my monthly fees on time. So thank you with all my heart for you good nature and the help you have given me all these years….I do have one last request and that is that when all this gets delivered that your men come at a reasonable time…not later than 7pm. I ask that because in 2008 when they picked up my things they came at 12a.m. and that caused a big problem with my landlord at the time. May your life and your work be filled with blessings …great laughter…and much love With Appreciation GM
  • The guys were just great…..and I am perfectly happy to have the work over with!!!! what a difference from CA where no one is ever on time and workers are not happy. your crew could not have been more wonderful! Thank you so much Missy. You are a pleasure to do business with.
  • Absolutely wonderful! From the moment I was in contact with Missy Cordell, my experience with Oasis was wonderful. Planning a move across the country can be extremely stressful but with her help, this aspect was completely painless. She took the time to answer every one of my questions every single time I wrote or contacted her by phone…which was often. She was just remarkably helpful in every way. When the moving truck arrived, the two associates, Demitri and the other gentleman whose name eludes me at the moment, were amazing. They were prompt in their arrival and extremely competent. They were very careful when handling our possessions and extremely thorough in the administrative side of things as well. I was very pleased with their performance. I recently left the US Army after 14 years of service. I only mention that to demonstrate the frequency in which I have moved all over the world. I honestly wish it had been Oasis Moving that had moved me each and every time I was required to. It would have saved me a lot of stress and heartache over the years. I have already recommended Oasis to everyone that mentions moving and I will continue to do so. This is a remarkable organization with very caring and dedicated employees. It was truly a pleasure to have had them move me.  
    Keith Rambo
December 30, 2015
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Home Burglary Rising During the Holidays

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December 8, 2015
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Most Expensive Cities to Live In

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