Specialty Moving Services That Raise the Bar

Oasis Moving and Storage is pleased to offer you a number of specialty moving services that will make your moving experience that much better.

There are special circumstances when ordinary is simply not enough. We go beyond the ordinary to offer specialized services and we believe the elderly as well as high value assets deserve an added level of care and attention.

Special moves should be handled by a specialists. With years of experience, a talented and hard working crew and advanced equipment, we are fully prepared to deliver the best experience. Don’t take risks–work with the pros to enjoy a smooth move, anytime. We proudly offer special moving services anywhere within the Southwest, and to destination throughout the world. To learn more about our special services, please contact us today.

Special Moving Service from a Special Moving Company

Oasis Moving offers you a number of Special Moving Services, including:

  • Fine Art: Fine art is one of the many types of items that individuals are most anxious about moving with utmost care and professionalism. Since they are highly delicate and linked to their value, our specialty services include customized services handled by our fine art moving experts who will handle custom crating, climate controlled storage, and shipping for you.
  • Piano: Moving your piano can be quite a task. Not just because of the delicate nature of the instrument, but because it is something that is extremely dear and valuable to you. Moving a piano requires an understanding of the balance and inertia of pianos, proper equipment, and, of course plenty of strength. As professional movers, we are trained in all aspects of piano moving, from disassembly to maneuvering and transporting it to a specific location.
  • Senior Moving: Planning to move yourself or your senior parents? Just contemplating a move can be confusing and overwhelming for anyone. Since moving is challenging, particularly for seniors, we concentrate on making it as stress-free as possible.

When is it comes to moving yourself or moving a beloved senior, you should hire the most trusted, courteous and kind movers out there. When it comes to piano and fine art moving, it’s key to hire the movers that can handle these valuable assets professionally, such that they never bear any sign of the move. Indeed, for all your special moving needs, call on Oasis Moving.

Oasis Moving always strives to meet or even exceed your expectations. And when it comes to our beloved seniors or to our valuables, you really need someone you can trust, someone with the expertise and sensitivity you need for a successful move. We will make sure that your move turns out to be as great as you had hoped it would be! Call Oasis Moving today to find out more and to receive an estimate.