Protect Your Assets in Long Term Storage

Oasis Moving & Storage offers you top notch long term storage services at highly competitive rates. Whether you need to store just a couple of couches or a whole basement-full of items, we’re here for you.

We store your items in ultra-secure vaults for as long as you need, and offer you prompt delivery to your doorstep upon request. Don’t risk storing your items with an incompetent company; go for the sure thing by hiring Oasis for all your storage needs.

It’s no wonder why more and more businesses and private folks choose Oasis Storage. We offer the security, convenience, flexibility and cleanliness you seek when looking for the perfect storage provider. With so much experience under our belts, and with a smile on our faces, we gladly deliver fantastic storage services every time. Contact us now and learn more about your long term storage options.

Long Term Storage Solutions for Everybody

Got seasonal items you would like to set aside for a few month? Have a few pieces of furniture you want to put aside for the kids when they move out? Find yourself in need of long term storage for any other reason? Oasis has the perfect long term storage solution waiting for you. With our flexibility contract and top of the line storage facilities, you get an excellent deal at a price you will love. Whatever it is you need to store–a piano, a few couches, kayaks, company documents or anything else–we will keep it safe.

Here at Oasis Moving and Storage, we pride ourselves on the level of services we provide, as well as the quality of our facilities. When you store your items with us, you can be sure that they will be kept safe and protected from the likes of theft, water damage, fire and other threats. We use ultra high grade locks to secure each storage vault, we have trained guards and personnel on watch at our facilities, we have 24/7 security cameras installed, and our facilities are enclosed with an electronic gate. Plus, we offer you climate control technology in each individual vault, as well as numerous other security measures.

Our hard working and friendly crew is standing ready to serve your every need and to answer any questions or concerns you may have about storage. We proudly serve hundreds of customers each year with our top tier storage services, and we are ready to serve you at the affordable price you seek. Please get in touch with us now to learn more about our long term storage solutions, and to get an estimate.