Short Term Storage That Makes The Difference

Sometimes we find ourselves in need of some extra storage space. Whether we are going through a transitional period or if we find ourselves in an unfortunate crisis situation, short term storage services can really help.

We are proud to be there for folks and for businesses when they need storage solutions. Call on us if you are looking for storage in the Southwest–we will gladly arrange the perfect solution for you.

Short term storage is the ultimate solution if you are moving, renovating your home, in between apartments, recovering from home damage or loss, and in various other circumstances. We gladly extend an open hand, and deliver the top tier storage services you seek. Our competitive rates, secure facilities, and friendly, experienced staff members come together to bring a highly enjoyable and hassle-free storage experience. Call us today and learn all about your short term storage options.

Short Term Storage for an Easy Transition

Our customers come to us for short term storage on a number of occasions. Some are renovating their homes or offices, and need to find a temporary home for all their items. Others are in between apartments or traveling, and thus need a short term fix. Still others are in the midst of moving, and need a place to store items before their new home is ready for them. Finally, some folks need storage after they have gone through a crisis situation, like a natural disaster. In such cases, we gladly open our arms and offer folks storage at really low rates.

We are proud of the fact that both our storage facilities and our services adhere to the highest standards of quality. Our storage managers are trained and experienced to handle all kinds of cases, and are friendly and always happy to help. Meanwhile, the storage vaults themselves are secured with high grade locks, and protected by our trained personnel on duty. We have built in 24/7 surveillance cameras in place, as well as a number of advanced defense systems against flooding, theft, fire and more. Our premises are also protected by a sophisticated electronic fence.

To keep your items protected and stowed away for as long as you need, get in touch with the friendly, professional storage experts at Oasis. We will do everything we can to meet your exact needs and specifications. Give us a call today to get started.